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Apart from the owner of this website, I am also its webmaster. The About Us section contains more about my team-mates and me, while some general issues are discussed on the FAQs page. Here is the place to include technical details on this project. A lot of the information on this website is the result of thorough research and compilation. Whenever I needed access to other websites, I always asked for their due permission and you will see links to those sites. In the same time, I allow other webmasters to embed some of the banners below on their respective websites. In addition, I have included basic information about affiliate programs here.

What Exactly Is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are one of the well-established ways of compensating an entity for the reference of customers to services or products. You may also see it under the name of a partner program, but that’s essentially the same thing. Say you want to advertise a brand or provider of a particular product or service, you can enter an affiliate program and make money in exchange for your efforts. Depending on how serious you are about it, you may use that as a substantial source of income. Typically, the commission you get will cover the expenses you make in the process, such as maintaining the servers and paying your team for their work. There are two main methods of remuneration: CPA (cost per acquisition) and Revenue Sharing.

With CPA the referring partner receives some fixed amount provided the referred user accomplishes certain levels of commitment on the brand’s website. With games, that usually means that a user needs to register, deposit and wager a given amount before you can claim your referral fee. It is different from the popular cost per click or cost per view in that the brand actually pays for a job done. In other words the affiliate gets paid when the purpose is met.

When affiliates prefer the Revenue Sharing model, they receive a percentage of the sales generated by a given user. The percentage depends on the total number of users that will be referred to the brand. It needs to be noted that the affiliates have a share in the profits of the gaming operators, but also in their losses when players win. Below, I will give some examples of how these programs work.

Notable Examples of Affiliate Programs in the Gaming World

The first example I would like to give is with the 888affiliates program (covering sites operated by Cassava Enterprises). They offer both models, but CPA is valid only for poker. All bingo brands that are under this scheme feature progressive revenue sharing only. Depending on the number of new bingo players per calendar month, an affiliate company may get between 20% and 35% of 888’s gross revenue. You need to be aware that if a player hits a jackpot of £1,000, for example, that model will render the affiliate company responsible for 20% to 35% of the loss. That doesn’t mean you will owe money to the brand, of course. Generally, the operators win in the long run, because of the house edge in the games. So, if you are patient, you will also win.

I need to accentuate that a negative balance is not usually carried over to the next month in affiliate programs. You will not be expected to cover the negative figures with your positive earnings. It largely depends on the operator. For example, Mecca bingo on Virtue Fusion software don’t maintain a negative balance over the new month, but simply reset the balance to zero. Their commissions are between 25% and 35%. Other programs feature higher percentages, but don’t feature this clause.

The bingo websites that run of Cozy Games software have affiliate programs also working with the Revenue Sharing model. The different networks feature different figures. Affiliates of the Live Bingo Network can get between 30% and 50% a month. Those who agree on the Fun BN terms can get between 25% and 50%. The lower limit is less, but you will start getting it for much smaller revenue.

The bingo sites run by Cashcade, for example, offer a fixed 25% commission, irrespective of how many players you drive their way and how much money they spend there. You need to consider that large numbers are not always better. Sometimes, they could be accompanied by strict conditions or by less probability for the affiliate to make profit. At the same time, low as it may seem, the program at the said bingo sites will not penalise an affiliate for any winnings players make. So, we may sum up that all programs have similar characteristics.

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