Shout BINGO with the Best Bingo Apps for iPhone

Apps for iPhone are the trendiest and most sought after gambling applications in the UK. Despite its smaller display and the lack of support for Flash, Apple smartphones have extremely fast and efficient operating systems and are the most popular smartphones these days. No matter if you’re a proud owner of the newest, wide-screened iPhone 6 or a previous model, you have the chance to enjoy a wide selection of mobile bingo apps and have ultimate bingo experience.

iPhone owners are spoilt for choice with tons of bingo apps available, so finding the best one might be a matter of some difficulty. Our editorial team have tested a large part of the offers on the market and have ranked the best apps.

Click here to get started Gala bingo app and grab £50 play money with just a tenner!

Gala app for iPhone offers all popular bingo variations, such as 90-, 80- and 75-Ball, the exclusive Coronation street and the 50-Ball Coconut Island game with a daily £1000 jackpot. If you’re not registered at Gala yet, you can simply click the link above and you’ll be transferred to their sign-up page. Remember that only our link entitles you to benefit from the exclusive offer and take a £20 bonus for just a fiver. Additionally, you can benefit from Gala’s standard welcome bonus and get £40 with a tenner. So, go on grab our offer and happy playing!

Exploring More Options to Play on Apple Smartphones

  • All types of Bingo
  • 13 Bingo rooms
  • £40 Sign-up Bonus


As we said, we’ve tried many apps. Based on our research, we’ve chosen Gala’s for the Best iOS bingo app. You can either play it straight on your Safari browser or download it from the App store. Don’t forget to use our link to go to Gala’s login page to extra boost your start. We’ve highly ranked Gala mobile because it’s not just a replica of their website version – it’s a native iOS app with 40+ exclusive slots and side games. The app is compatible with all iPhone models. Throughout the app, you can do pretty much everything as on the website. You can pre-buy cards and play tons of different games or talk to your friends via the fully-integrated chat feature.

  • 90- and 75-Ball Bingo
  • 40 + Bingo Rooms
  • £30 welcome bonus


Foxy is another provider with a native app suitable for all smartphones with iOS 6 or later. With Foxy bingo app you get up to £90 as a welcome gift, following your initial deposit. The next two deposits you make will also receive bonuses. Get prepared for traditional 90- and 75-ball games at more than 40 rooms and the chance to win big every day, week or month. You’ll be hosted by the ginger Fox and will get the chance to win loads of prizes, including spa holidays and trips. Apart from the bingo, you can enjoy their casino and the variety of instant wins. In all, everything you’ve used to do on Foxy’s website may be carried out through your iPhone.

  • Deal or No Deal Bingo
  • 7-Days of Free Bingo
  • £40 Sign-up Bonus


Mecca has always been one of the innovators in the online bingo industry. I will make a quick reminder for Mark Jones’ ‘Bring your own device’ initiative to invite players bring their phones and tablets in the land-based halls. Mecca app is one of the first mobile bingo sites to see the world, offering the same prizes, jackpots and rooms as the web version. New players at Mecca can bag £40 free, if deposit just a tenner. Plus, they get 7-day free access to the Newbie room and the chance to win amazing jackpots (£20 are guaranteed). With Mecca, you will find free bingo for iPhone, the ‘Deal or No Deal’ game, daily penny bingo, slot and chat games to have a natter with your buddies – all via your mobile.

Follow Our Tips When You Look for iPhone Bingo Sites

Compatibility of Bingo AppsCompatibility. The majority of iPhones have two resolution sizes (if we don’t count models 6 and 6 Plus). That means all iOS bingo sites are compatible with the three main phone sizes and once an iOS app is released, it works on the rest. However, if you want to double-check if your model runs a certain app, simply check the full list of compatible devices, provided on our website.

Mobile Software Characteristics. No, we’re not trying to confuse you. Our advice is to get acquainted with the special perks or drawbacks of your mobile platform. For example, if you’re an iPhone user, you should be aware of the fact that Apple don’t support Flash. Therefore, you should be careful before downloading an app, for it may require a flash media player to run properly. Whenever you stumble across such an app, you should go looking for an alternative, optimized for your device.

Read Reviews. You’d better read some reviews before go playing. Check the rating at the App Store or simply research for a couple of good reviews from real players. On our website, we have loads of reviews where we’ve classified useful information about mobile bonuses, available games, compatibility and anything you may need to know about bingo apps for Apple phones.

Explore the Features. Before start playing, you should get acquainted with the app. Check if the operator offers a special mobile bonus or if you can fund your account through the app and make withdrawals. A good bingo app should let you do everything you normally do on the website – from launching a new account to contacting a customer support member or funding your account.

Reasons Why You Should Play on Apple phones

Popularity. Considering the fact that the number of iPhone users is increasing day by day, bingo providers tend to first introduce their iOS apps rather than Android. Therefore, it is more likely to find an iOS version of your favorite bingo, than an Android one or another.

Apple App Store. Another great advantage of playing on iPhone is that iOS apps are available at the App Store and you can easily check their rating, playability and special features. Please note that iOS apps are fully vetted before being allowed at the App Store. That’s why, you shouldn’t be worried about your security since those have been tested and validated by Apple.

Excellent Retina display. Apple devices offer supreme resolution, using a special pixel technology called Retina. Apple Retina display is even better than human eyes and lets you have an ultimate gaming experience no matter if you play on your iPhone or iPad. The only disadvantage of playing on your iOS phone is related with the smaller display. However, there are now iPhone 6 and 6 Plus available, offering larger displays and providing better play options.

Fast Operating System. Apple products have consistently fast operating systems which is a crucial factor when it comes to playing bingo on your phone. For the reason that Apple have their own software, their apps tend to be a bit faster than Android’s.

Which Model Is the Best Choice for Mobile Bingo?

Best Model to Play Mobile BingoBest iPhone for mobile bingo? Well, what sets apart iOS from the other mobile phones manufacturers is the variety of games available for those devices. These days, Apple offers some great phones, so choosing the best one isn’t that easy, especially when it comes to picking the right for playing mobile bingo games. Smartphones are no longer single-task devices these days and are ideal for playing games in the leisure. In order to pick up the best iPhone for playing bingo, we’ve covered some strong criteria. Probably the most important is the variety of games offered but most of the characteristics that are crucial for playing on a smartphone are complex. In the first place, the smartphone should have excellent performance which is determined by things like vivid display, fast processor, RAM and sound quality. Even though most Apple smartphones have pretty good performance in gaming, here’s our pick of the top 3 to play bingo on:

In the table, you’ll find some handy technical specification info stats of all iPhones, currently offered:

Explore iPhone Smartphones Evolution
Device Release Date Dimensions Weight Info about Apple
iPhone 4S October, 2011 4.54 in/ 2.31 in/ 0.37 in 4.9 oz Developer: Apple Inc.
iPhone 5 September, 2012 4.87 in/ 2.31 in/ 0.30 in 3.95 oz Traded as: NASDAQ: AAPL
iPhone 5S 20 September, 2013 4.87 in/ 2.31 in/ 0.30 in 3.95 oz Founder: Steve Jobs
iPhone 5C 20 September, 2013 4.90 in/ 2.33 in/ 0.35 in 4.65 oz Headquarters: Cupertino, CA, United States
iPhone 6 9 September, 2014 5.44 in/ 2.64 in/ 0.27 in 4.55 oz Customer service: 0844 209 0611
IPhone 6 Plus 9 September, 2014 6.22 in/ 3.06 in/ 0.28 in 6.07 oz First iPhone release: 29, June 2007


Is It Safe to Play Bingo on My iPhone? Well, we can’t speak for all apps for iPhone but we can assure you that the apps we promote utilize enhanced security software systems to cover the industry standards. It means that any information, gathered from you, whether be personal or financial is being encrypted and stored safe and away from third parties. Plus, you can take some precautions – updating your iOS version is a guarantee that the security features on your iPhone are running properly.
What Software Version Should I Have to Play Bingo? Well, it depends on the specific app. Usually, this kind of information is specified in the app description, so you can check it before downloading the app on your device. However, based on our experience the majority of apps for either iPad or iPhone will require at least iOS 6 or above in order to work properly. So, keep in mind that you should keep your iPhone with updated software in order to fully enjoy the latest bingo apps, without any obstacles.
Should I Enable My ‘Location Services’ in Order to Play Bingo on My iPhone? Yes, you might be required. You may have to turn on your location in order to open a certain app. This enables the app to find your location and check if you’re residing in a country where you’re allowed to place bets. To turn it on, you should go to ‘Settings’ and then choose the ‘Privacy’ option. Then, simply turn the slider to ‘On’. You can also use the individual sliders for each app to customize your privacy settings.
Should I Download the App in to Play on My Iphone? You can play bingo games on your Apple phone in two different ways. Most apps have both downloadable and on-browser versions so it’s up to you which one to choose. If you’re running out of spare storage space, probably the best option for you is to play from the mobile web browser. However, if you have plenty of free space, you can simply download the app.