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It seems like a lot of work. How do you manage to do all? I must confess, it wouldn’t be the same without the team. It is really a lot of work and managing it is impossible on my own. We are four editors helping one another, doing extensive research and writing content. We also use the service of amazing designers and web developers to make the final product that will reach you.
How did you end up in this niche? Why bingo? When I left my own enterprise where I developed websites and apps with my ex-boyfriend, I was without work for some time. While I was looking for a job, I met one of my current co-editors, Patricia, and she took me to play bingo. I needed to start something, and had a lot of time on my hands. Patricia helped at first, and later she joined me for good. Bingo is her favourite game, mobile technology is mine. The match was somehow natural. So, I may say that it is both a job and a hobby for us.
Have you ever had a negative experience at bingo? Actually, yes. Mostly with badly developed apps. Once I downloaded one which said it was free, but featured in-app purchases. It was OK, I know very well what that means and I don’t mind if I occasionally put down a pound or two to get something extra. So, I was playing and reached some high level, when the app offered to sell me a feature that would unlock a room. After I agreed, there was some freezing of the screen, then the app restarted and I had to log in again. The transaction was complete, but I didn’t get my feature. I contacted the Customer Support and when I reached them the fifth time, they said they’d see to it. Eventually, I got a different feature, not the one I paid for, because it was part of a limited-time promotion and they solved my issue too late. I was very frustrated, to say the least. True, extras in bingo apps don’t come at high prices, so losses will be minimal, but that is not an excuse for developers and providers to take advantage of the players.
Why do we see more Apple apps when there are more Android devices? Actually, that is the very reason. I know it sounds ironic, so read on for the longer version. The more devices means the greater variety. That is good for the users, because they have a wider choice. On the other hand, developers need to consider numerous peculiarities and small differences across the devices when making an app. That makes the process more expensive. That also explains why Android apps have more bugs and work less efficiently. Because bingo involves money, reputable operators don’t rush into app development before making completely sure the native apps they offer are flawless. When a visitor registers an unhappy experience, she will not come back, even when the operator fixes the bug. That is the reason why most providers prefer to offer mobile sites that will simply open in your browser.