The Idea and Team behind This Website

I guess you are curious to know who is behind these pages, and decided to write briefly about my friends and me. I am Norma Leech – the head of the editorial team of this website. I am originally from Wiltshire, but I studied Telecommunications at the City University London. I’ve always been much into phones and gadgets, so university was a great time for me. Apart from new technologies, I love science and I’m still subscribed to the New Scientist magazine.

My love of mobile technologies thrived when I met Shane, an awesome developer, with whom I actually learned a lot. We opened a small web firm together. Things didn’t go well between us, though, so we parted ways. Around the time I started a new job, I met Patricia. She is crazy about bingo and would drag me along clubs every weekend. Because Shane used to play poker, I had always looked down on bingo as not mature enough. Then, I gradually came to love it and appreciate the fun you could have at much lower prices. Remembering how serious Shane and his mates would get over a game of poker, I was relieved to see that bingo is not that aggressive.

How We Started This Project

We thought the idea was fun. Yet, we’ve been very earnest since the beginning. Patricia and I cooperate in writing the texts with two more editors: Kelly and Deborah. The four of us research our topics, we discuss them and prepare very well before the real writing. The whole team of editors prefer to view our work here as professional. Kelly is a stay-at-home mom of 4 and Deborah is her cousin, a graduate in Art Directing. She directs occasional pieces at local theatre clubs and teaches Drama part-time in her community centre.

Why We Did It

When we surfed around, we couldn’t find a single good and reliable source of information on our topic of interest. Users will need to read a lot, check many resources and compile large amounts of data to get their questions answered. There are some trusted websites, but they are usually too technical. We couldn’t locate a place where all the needed details were combined in a palatable mix.

Why Trust Us

That’s the tough question. Well, mainly because we know what we do and we put honest efforts in accomplishing it well. Besides that, we spend lots of time online, even more time on our phones. On top of all that, we play bingo. To tell you the truth, we’ve all been victims to dishonest online businesses in the early days. And, we’ve also seen poor mobile apps and bad mobile products. It hasn’t always been the fault of the provider, but at times we’ve been too naive or incompetent, too. Because we all know how devastating it could be to lose your hard-earned cash to shady schemes, freaking out instead of having fun, we are intent on giving sound advice.

If You Want to Contact Us

If you’d like to share something with us, use the email address you see below. Please, refrain from ugly language and insults. We are here to help build something better.